Linkage Credit Union was chartered in Texas in April, 1931 as Waco Texas Federal Employees Credit Union. Over the next 81 years, our name changed to Postal Employees Credit Union to Waco Postal Credit Union and now Linkage Credit Union.

Currently, our field of membership consists of:

*Persons who reside, work, worship or go to school in McLennan County are now eligible

*Employees and family of US postal Service

*Employees and family of ARC Abatement

*Employees and family of H.O.T Council of Governments

*Employees and family of Plumlee Place

*Employees, members and associates of American Legion Post 121, Waco, TX.

*Employees and family of Davis Publishing Co.

*Members of Waco Baptist Association

*Employees and family of Integ

Board of Directors 2017



Richard Garcia (Chairman)

Donna Burzynski (Vice-chair)

Theresa Stanton Hill (Secretary/Treasuer)

Mark Gilham

Larry Perez

George Balady

Christine Kelly

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